Recently, there have been a lot of innovative testimonial developments that can help your school grow, thrive, and stand out from the crowd. Are your competitors overlooking the power of website testimonials and not displaying them for all to see? Do you have lots of positive student reviews and want to find a fresh way to leverage them to attract new students?

There are quite a few exciting ways for you to gain the competitive edge in your market and get new students – all by using your website testimonials.

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Check out these six website testimonials best practices that you can start implementing and benefiting from right away:

Integrate website testimonials with social media

Individually, social media and testimonials are both uniquely powerful in any customer journey—whether we’re talking about an individual shopping for shoes or a student searching for an online school to enroll in.

Now, is the time for social media and student testimonials to merge into one powerful and influential mechanism.

Students tend to trust schools that display testimonials with pictures of the reviewers, as they seem more believable, and the potential student can better relate to a person they can “see”. By including links to the social media profiles of the reviewers in addition to the pictures, that trust is compounded. Being able to validate the reviewers’ identities on social media helps to prove that the testimonials are legitimate, can be believed, and can be used as part of the consideration process towards enrollment.

The Spectoos testimonial widget is already ahead of the game as far as linking social with testimonials goes, since the tool already offers the ability to connect every testimonial to the reviewer’s online social media profile from Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, to name a few.

keyscouts testimonial faceboard widget

Start Doing Influencer Marketing

Every niche and industry has its key influencers who students respect, admire, and look to for guidance. These influencers share their expertise often on platforms that make their content free and easily accessible to the public, such as blogs, newsletters, and social media.

Students will not only check student testimonials before they make an enrollment decision. They will also look at influencer-generated content—including testimonials, mentions, or even student reviews—about your school before they decide whether yours is right for them.

Reach out to past students and leaders in education to ask them to review your institution and/or write a post about their experiences and opinions on social media. Check out this blog post on influencer marketing to get more advice on how to start doing it right.

Measure Testimonial Performance and Optimize

Today’s online schools are deeply familiar with the different tactics, tools, and approaches to draw in leads and convert them into students. Content marketing, SEO, email marketing…you’ve been there and done that.

What online schools need to start doing more seriously is adding testimonial optimization to their arsenal. In order to effectively use testimonials to drive conversions, you will need to measure the performance of your website testimonials and display the ones that generate the most views, clicks, and ultimately, result in the most conversions.

With Spectoos, analyzing and optimizing testimonials is a breeze thanks to the platform’s intuitive dashboard, which visually displays how each testimonial is performing and makes it simple to determine which are the most effective ones to display.

Spectoos dashboard

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Use Video Testimonials

With over a billion users spending hundreds of millions of hours consuming its content daily, YouTube is one of the most influential social media channels.

People love video. It’s a quick and easy format to consume, and it’s an entertaining and fun way to digest information. Video testimonials enjoy these same characteristics.

Video testimonials are a more effective way to attract new prospects. Videos have the unique ability to tug at viewers’ heartstrings, quickly putting them into the shoes of whomever they are watching and learning about.

Storytelling through videos gets potential students emotionally involved almost instantly. Videos quickly speak to the innate human tendency to connect with people, so they make for very powerful testimonials.

The University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) is an example of one school that’s already using video testimonials to its advantage. Check out these powerful video testimonials from their graduates, which (literally) speak more strongly than most text-based testimonials.

UIC video testimonials

Display Testimonials on Social Media

Nowadays, nearly everyone is active on at least one social media network. But people aren’t only using social media to interact with friends and peers—they’re also using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social channels for engaging with the companies and brands they like.

According to GlobalWebIndex, a third of the time people spend online is on social media, so it makes sense for schools to display testimonials where their potential students hang out in order to get new leads.

For example, the Spectoos widget makes it easy to display testimonials under the Testimonials tab on a Facebook company page. With Spectoos, schools can even collect their testimonials from wherever they may be—such as Yelp and other platforms—and display them together in one place.

Spectoos Facebook tab

Use Testimonials for SEO

Testimonials can play a significant role in your SEO strategy, as they are keyword-rich content that is constantly updating. As such, they are a key tool for helping your school rank higher in search engine results.

Indeed, reviews from sites like Yelp already help schools rank in SERPs. But schools should start using their testimonials for improving their own website ranking.

When you use Spectoos to display your testimonials, you also get a public, SEO minisite that features all of your testimonials, which will help you rank in the SERPs. You’ll also be able to display star ratings, which is another way you can improve your SEO results.

Spectoos Mini Site

These are the 6 main website testimonials best practices that you can use to attract students to your school. They will help you gain the competitive edge over other players in your market and enable you to leverage your good reputation to grow your student base.

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