The short answer is “Yes”.

But despite the fact that 89% of B2B marketers identify testimonials as the most effective content marketing tactic, many businesses are slow to adopt them in their marketing campaigns. To help you understand just how much of a difference testimonials can make, let’s look at three essential elements to a business website and compare how a website with testimonials addresses them verses one without.

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Emotional appeal

Testimonials are among the most effective methods for generating emotional appeal on your website. If you’re wondering why that’s important, consider the fact that emotional appeal is what draws in prospects who can relate to the scenarios you’re discussing. Emotional appeal also gets people talking; the Journal of Marketing Research has found that brands that are successful at creating emotional appeal generate three times as much business from word-of-mouth as brands that are less emotionally-connected.

Testimonials are the best way to create emotional appeal because they come from real people. By displaying them, you give your site visitors the opportunity to discover and connect to the actual stories of people who are or were in the same situation as them. This storytelling also triggers implicit egotism, which is the natural tendency we have to gravitate toward the choices made by people who resemble us. So, by incorporating testimonials, you create an emotional appeal for your business that helps generate interest and grow your business.

Check out how Olympiad Tester incorporates testimonials on one of the most important pages of their website: the payment page. This is one of the most effective ways to address a potential customer who reaches the payment page and still needs more convincing.


Imagine if that wavering customer reached the payment page and didn’t have this type of resource? He or she might navigate away to read some more about the product, or open a new window to perform a search for reviews about it. Without testimonials, your site visitors have only your marketing-generated content, which isn’t as easy to relate to and lacks emotional appeal. After all, would you more readily trust a person who has used the product, or the person trying to sell it to you?

Boost sales and conversions

The main purpose for your website is to generate salesworthy leads that will grow your business, and most businesses today employ content marketing to help them achieve this goal. While regularly providing prospects with informative and useful content is highly valuable, it’s missing the human component that today’s consumers require before they buy. This explains why the vast majority of consumers today read reviews before making a purchasing decision. According to Dimensional Research, 90% of survey respondents claimed that positive online reviews influenced their buying decisions!

Testimonials can instantly boost your sales and conversions by influencing your site visitors more powerfully than any content you generate yourself. If you don’t leverage your customer testimonials, you’re missing out on a proven approach to increasing conversion rates. In fact, according to Reevoo Stats, 50 or more reviews per product can mean a 4.6% increase in conversion rates.

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Build trust and get more referrals

While today’s consumer relies largely on his or her own research and findings about a solution or product, word-of-mouth continues to be a powerful influencer. Word-of-mouth help consumers obtain trust, which is essential in their purchasing journey.

You can use testimonials to help drive conversions while also building trust and facilitating word-of-mouth promotion. This is in part thanks to the fact that the vast majority of people (88%, to be exact) trust online reviews from strangers as much as they trust recommendations from people they know. The number of reviews people will read before they trust a business and make a purchasing decision illustrates how important building trust is: according to Search Engine Land, 85% of consumers read as many as ten reviews before feeling they can trust a business.

DocuSign, a leader in electronic signatures, builds trust by incorporating testimonials across each one of their industry pages. Here’s part of their Technology industry page, including a testimonial:


By highlighting reviews from clients in the same industry as their prospects, DocuSign helps these prospects trust that their solution will meet their needs.

Here’s the language on DocuSign’s Technology industry page that doesn’t include a testimonial. Notice how much colder it is without a testimonial’s human touch:


Testimonials are essential to all business websites, today, and every type of business can benefit from incorporating testimonials across all web assets.

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