Our core beliefs and most important values

Who we are

We’re a fun team of 2 founders and long time friends, living across the street from one another and spending most of our working time online and with our families.

Our mission is to turn the web into a better and more credible place by providing website owners with the means to do so.

Our Philosophy

Everybody recognizes the importance of web testimonials, but in reality most people never truly believe what they read. The web is filled with fake testimonials, and even the major review sites like Yelp, TripAdvisor and the likes suffer from large scale manipulation.

Spectoos is here to change that. We believe that every testimonial should be linked to a social profile that can be verified by anyone.

Our mission is to convert one site after the other, allowing website owners to build trust with their audience and generate more business in return.

Our Idea

Spectoos is a powerful platform with a set of widgets designed to empower website owners by streamlining the whole process of testimonials curation, management and display.

Our users can collect testimonials from all the major review sites out there (Yelp, Amazon, TripAdvisor, LinkedIn Recommendations, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) or create a branded testimonial request form and easily share it with their customers.

The testimonials are displayed in a beautiful widget (also known as the Faceboard) which can be embedded on any web page.

Spectoos also provides performance stats (e.g. which is the most clicked testimonial), an SEO page to help drive traffic to our users’ websites and much much more.

Our Team

A Successful Team Beats With One Heart

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