Spectoos lets you display socially proven testimonials on your site.
This tutorial will help you create your testimonial widget (called a Faceboard) in few easy steps, and show it on your Jimdo website.

Step 1: Create a Spectoos account

Sign up for free to create your Spectoos account.

Step 2: Create your Faceboard (your testimonials widget) in 5 easy steps

Click on the Create Faceboard button from your main Spectoos page



We will start by customizing the testimonial request form your users will see when giving their testimonials, all the data in this wizard can be changed later on from your dashboard.



In this step you will provide your information so your users will know to whom they are giving their testimonial



Next, you can write a short message to your users that will appear on the testimonial request form (you can see a small preview of it on the right) and will communicate your expectations from them.



Almost done, in this step you get a preview of your Faceboard, only with animated images, once you have at least one testimonial, you’ll be able to see it live.



Your testimonial request form is ready, now you can share it with your users and ask them for testimonials. Copy the URL and share it via email, text message or by posting it on your social networks.



Step 3: Manage Testimonials

Once a user fills a testimonial on your request form, you will get an email from us letting you know that there is a new testimonial waiting for your review. On your Spectoos dashboard you’ll have a notification showing how many testimonials are pending your review



On the Manage Testimonial page you’ll be able to see the new testimonial and to decide if you’d like it to appear on your Faceboard.



After you choose to show it on your Faceboard, you can preview how it looks and change the Faceboard title



Step 4: Display your Faceboard on your site

Copy your Faceboard embed code from your Embed Faceboard page and paste in any page of your site you’d like it to appear


Step 5: Add existing testimonials to your Faceboard

If you have existing testimonials anywhere on the web, you can add them by going to the add testimonial page and fill the required fields. Your Faceboard will be instantly ready for display.

You can populate your Faceboard with testimonials and reviews from the following resources:

  • LinkedIn Recommendations.
  • Facebook.
  • Twitter.
  • Google+.
  • Yelp.
  • TripAdivsor.
  • Amazon.
  • Citysearch
  • And more…



Having any trouble installing your Spectoos Faceboard? Use the Green round icon on the bottom right of your Spectoos app and talk to us or Email us at support@spectoos.com we always answer.

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