Spectoos got a facelift! With Spectoos 2.0, we put you in the driver’s seat more than ever before. It’s a much-needed update that offers a ton more functionality to improve the testimonials workflow, enhance your lead generation capabilities, and optimize your customer testimonials. 

Our new platform is more powerful now, and it’s all thanks to customers just like you. We listened to your feedback about what you wanted, and we delivered!. 

Now, it’s time to introduce our incredible new features. Check them out…

New Features

Multiple Widgets

Spectoos 2.0 now supports multiple widgets. This gives you the power to display your testimonials in different ways using different widgets.

You can use as many widgets as you need. This is incredibly powerful in cases where you offer many products and services that you’d like to leverage testimonials for. You can create a Widget just for testimonials for “Service A” or display ALL of your testimonials on one Widget.

Currently, there are four specific Widget types:

  • Faceboard: This is our most popular widget, with a rotating display of customers’ faces and an exceptional engagement rate.
  • Masonry: a Pinterest-like display, laying all your testimonials all over the page. Very impressive if you have a large number of testimonials to showcase.
  • Testimonial List: Listing all your testimonials in a list where every testimonial is displayed in greater detail.
  • Request Form: A form you can share to easily collect customer testimonials. 



This was a much-needed and much-requested feature that gives you the power to create automatic workflows for testimonials. Using Tags, you can now create Widgets that display only the specific testimonials you receive based on a specific lead form or category. It also allows filtering your testimonials by tags.

It’s easy to do, simply create a new Widget and Request Form. Then, create a tag that connects the two, so that testimonials you get from the newly created form are directly deposited into the new Widget.

Spectoos Tags Page


We know that adding new features to your website can be frustrating, particularly if you hired an outside firm to design your website and don’t deal with the backend. That’s why we created Pages.

There are two Pages that we currently offer:

  • Testimonial Request Form: An auto-generated page where you can gather testimonials directly.
  • Minisite: An auto-generated, SEO optimized page with all your testimonials, like the example below, ready to be shared with anyone

KeyScouts Spectoos Minisite

Lead Forms

We know that 95% of shoppers read online reviews before making a purchase, according to 2017 Spiegel Research Center. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get leads from all those shoppers? With our Lead Forms, now you can.

Our new lead-capturing feature lets you create customized forms that people can access by clicking a CTA button on your Widgets. You control everything from the button’s caption to which fields will be included on your Lead Form. Leverage your testimonials to help you reach your online lead generation goals

lead form example

Use Cases

So, how exactly do these new Spectoos 2.0 features benefit you? Let’s take a look at some simple use cases.

Online Courses

Let’s say you run a bunch of different online courses covering a wide range of topics and with many different course instructors. In the original Spectoos platform, you could only create and showcase one testimonial Widget for every course at once, but that limited your ability to highlight specific courses.

Now, with our new Widgets and Tags, you can create a testimonials showcase per each individual course. All you have to do is create a request form on each course’s landing page with a matching display Widget. Use a Tag for that course, and any testimonials that come from that page will automatically be connected to that relevant widget and be displayed within it.

Faculty & Staff Reviews

If you’re a college or university, reviews covering your entire school probably aren’t that helpful. However, reviews for specific faculty, staff, courses, or programs would be very helpful. Now, with Spectoos 2.0, that’s possible. You can create a Widget and workflow for every class or every department.

For example, you could highlight your MBA program with student reviews by sending out a specialized request form just to your MBA students. After they filled out their feedback, with the right Tag in place, their reviews would go directly to the MBA department to be used in admissions.

Service Providers

If you’re a large organization offering a variety of products or services, Spectoos 2.0 allows you to categorize your reviews accordingly. Instead of being forced to showcase testimonials that bounce between Service A, B, and C, you can now create a Widget and Form for each service individually and then collect testimonials dedicated to that individual service. Next time a customer is interested in a certain service, they can see highly relevant testimonials for that specific service .

Spectoos 2.0 Puts You in the Driver’s Seat

With Spectoos 2.0, you are in complete control of your customer testimonials. It’s easier than ever to collect and display your customer reviews to gain conversions, new customers, and enhance your brand loyalty. 

Our new Widgets and Tags help you create automatic workflows for as many different categories, services, and departments as you need. Our Pages take the pressure of your website developer by automatically generating an SEO minisite for your testimonials. And our Lead Forms help you build up your email list and MQLs in new and exciting ways.

Discover why so many of our customers are already falling in love with 2.0. Sign up for Spectoos today