KeyScouts Case Study


KeyScouts, an Internet Marketing Agency, relies on website conversions as one of their main sources of business.


Tomer Harel started KeyScouts in 2004, when SEO was not even a known term, and Facebook was just getting started. Today, his operation serves dozens of international clients, including Gett, Yotpo, Clicktale, Panoramic Power, and SiSense.

keyscouts homepage


KeyScouts provides a variety of marketing solutions, such as:

  • Inbound marketing
  • SEO
  • Social media marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Reputation management
  • PPC advertising
  • Web consulting

Tomer has a team of project managers, inbound specialists, content marketers, and social media strategists. When it comes to pitching KeyScouts, he relies on inbound leads and is always looking for ways to improve the process and increase the results.

The Challenge

In the competitive landscape of online marketing, KeyScouts needed a way to improve conversion rates on their site. Tomer had implemented the Spectoos widget on the KeyScouts site 4 months ago and saw an increase in conversion rates.

In communications with some recent prospects, he was reminded of the importance of social proof. “One company I reached out to explained that they were impressed when they saw a Spectoos testimonial from a CEO they had recently read about,” remembered Tomer, “while I did see an increase in requests since installing the Spectoos Faceboard widget, I just didn’t think I was seeing the best possible returns.”

The Solution

Tomer decided to try moving the Spectoos widget above the fold of his website, where visitors would see it without having to scroll down.

KeyScouts Spectoos Minisite

Within a month, results proved that Tomer’s hunch was right: actionable social proof improves results.

The Results

When the Spectoos Faceboard widget was below the fold, KeyScouts measured:

  • 6 clicks
  • 2.18% CTR

Spectoos KeyScouts Case Study Results

After moving the widget above the fold, results improved to:

  • 102 clicks
  • 28.4% CTR

KeyScouts Case Study Results


This improvement of over 1,000% in click-through-rate lead to a 20% increase in conversion rate.

The result was achieved without spending any money on additional traffic or promotion, and no programming or web design talent was needed to make the change.

“This was the easiest change we have ever made to the website,” said Tomer, “and it lead to a quick and easy improvement of over 20% in our website conversion rate”


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Disclaimer: Tomer Harel is also a co-founder at Spectoos.