Why User-Generated Content Needs to be a Part of Your Online Marketing Strategy

Marketing is expensive. In fact, The CMO Survey reports that approximately 11.4% of overall firm budgets are spent on marketing. So, what if you could manage to get a big chunk of your marketing for free? That’s where user-generated content (UGC) comes into play. User-Generated Content is defined as any type of content—from videos to […]

4 Tools to Use for Your Website Redesign

Your website redesign shouldn’t be just about looks and keeping it fresh: it’s also about using new technologies to make everything run smoothly and much more efficiently. (Read = “get you more conversions.”) Here are 4 website redesign tools to use, this year. Testimonials: Spectoos If you’re not already using testimonials on your website, then […]

Why Testimonials are a Must-Have for Your Website Redesign

If you’re doing a quarterly check-in with your web design team, or thinking about making a few changes to your website yourself, you’ll want to take an extra minute to decide how you’ll include customer testimonials. (That was already part of your plan, right? It should be, because testimonials increase conversions!) Learn more about testimonials […]

7 Must-Do SEO Steps for Small Businesses

What kind of small business doesn’t want to make big money? The one that doesn’t exist. Nay, even a business that only exists in someone’s imagination has a spark of ambition. In small companies that hope to make it big, that spark probably burns the brightest. Running a small, cozy business isn’t without its pitfalls. […]

5 Website Redesign Tips for 2017

New Year’s and new budgets aren’t the only appropriate reasons to do a website redesign. It may be halfway through 2017, but it’s not too late (or too early) to give your site a makeover. If your engagement is plateauing, your website looks out of date, or it’s simply time to switch things up… a […]

4 Signs You Need to Upgrade Your Website

If your clients joke about how your site “isn’t exactly a dream to use”, it’s time to upgrade your website. If you can’t remember the last time you hired a web developer (or can’t even remember what your in-house developer looks like), it’s time. If you cringe when you go to your own website and […]

The #1 Solution for Strengthening Your Real Estate Reputation

When it comes to your real estate reputation, a single bad review might send your prospects to your competition without a moment’s notice. When you think about how the business of real estate is highly personal, that makes sense. For many, the decision to invest in real estate is a weighty one and one that […]

2 Ways Spectoos Improves the Efficacy of Your Website

Every business is looking for a way to increase revenues and improve efficiencies, and the easiest way to accomplish both is by using a testimonial platform that provides the right features and functionality. So, when we designed Spectoos, we made sure to develop a variety of unique and powerful capabilities to ensure that your testimonials […]

How to Choose the Best Testimonial Platform for Your Website

Today’s businesses, regardless of industry or size, must have testimonials on their website if they want to convert leads. The facts about customer testimonials attest to how strongly they can impact the buyer’s journey. Now you’re ready to put testimonials on your website—but how do you go about doing so? With so many testimonial tools […]

The #1 Element You Need on Your Website to Increase Conversions

Your website is like a doorway through which potential customers can enter your virtual store, and it is the main tool for your business to use to get more clients.  As this is the case, your website must be fully equipped with the right elements to help your business reach its bottom line. But, “what […]