The Top 7 Lead Generation Techniques for your Contact Us Page

Lead generation techniques have seen a significant transformation in recent years, as marketing and sales strategies move further into the digital realm.  One constant, however, is the effectiveness of contact pages to produce leads, as this has been — and still is — a crucial part of any business. Organizations generally have a small window […]

How To Get More Testimonials and Incentivize Your Audience

Thanks to the feedback we received from our users, we have developed a new feature that allows for a better customization of the “Testimonial Request Form” and the “Thank You” page.

How an Internet Marketing Company Increased Conversion Rate by Over 20% Using Testimonials

KeyScouts Case Study   KeyScouts, an Internet Marketing Agency, relies on website conversions as one of their main sources of business.

Unleash the SEO Power of Your Testimonials

Discover how KeyScouts, a digital marketing agency, rose to the top of the search results and obtained the lucrative Google star-rating in less than two weeks! The result? Greater visibility on Google for brand-related keywords and more leads.

Main Uses for the Spectoos Faceboard Widget

When operating an online business, one of the most important elements to include in your website is reliable customer testimonials. These are even more important when you want to use your website, not only for business promotion, but for networking as well. It is crucial to showcase real testimonials on your website, as opposed to […]

Spectoos’ New Feature: One-Stop Testimonial Shop

Testimonials are a precious weapon. They protect your online reputation, shield you from making bad impressions, and attack competitors with verified accounts of satisfied customers. Testimonials that are linked to social profiles, are verifiable and incredibly powerful.