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Why Testimonials are a Must-Have for Your Website Redesign

If you’re doing a quarterly check-in with your web design team, or thinking about making a few changes to your website yourself, you’ll want to take an extra minute to decide how you’ll include customer testimonials.

(That was already part of your plan, right? It should be, because testimonials increase conversions!)

Learn more about testimonials can increase your conversion rate by signing up for Spectoos today. 

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Conversion Optimization

5 Website Redesign Tips for 2017

New Year’s and new budgets aren’t the only appropriate reasons to do a website redesign.

It may be halfway through 2017, but it’s not too late (or too early) to give your site a makeover. If your engagement is plateauing, your website looks out of date, or it’s simply time to switch things up… a mid-year makeover is what you need.

Revamp your website and build trust with the Spectoos testimonial platform, today. Click here to sign up! 

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4 Signs You Need to Upgrade Your Website

If your clients joke about how your site “isn’t exactly a dream to use”, it’s time to upgrade your website.

If you can’t remember the last time you hired a web developer (or can’t even remember what your in-house developer looks like), it’s time.

If you cringe when you go to your own website and get a tinge of existential dread, knowing that you need to do something about this mess but not knowing where to start, it’s time.

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5 Tips for Building Your Real Estate Brand Online

Real estate is hotter than ever – both for buyers and realtors. This, coupled with the fact that consumers are now using the Internet to shop for anything from their next pair of shoes to their new summer home means that success as a real estate agent depends largely on your online presence.

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