There are thousands of online courses out there, and the breadth of options can overwhelm even the most eager of students. So why not help them out (and fill up your online course, while you’re at it) in one of the most authentic ways possible?

With the Spectoos Faceboard widget, you let your past students’ testimonials do the work of driving registrations for you. Their testimonials won’t just give potential students a richer understanding of how they would benefit by registering for your online course. They also put them into the shoes of other students who are similar to them and have already taken the class, allowing them to more realistically imagine how their experience could be, too.

Students similar to them… that’s key. Because, psychologically, people are more likely to accept advice from others who are similar to themselves – those who have the same needs, desires, motivations, etc. Spectoos offers a unique platform for displaying trust-worthy testimonials that lets potential students easily see reviews from past students who shared their same goal of learning about a specific subject online.

This is just one of the ways the Spectoos widget is ideal for drawing students to any online course. Here are five more:

1. Spectoos testimonials come from real people

When a site visitor sees your Spectoos Faceboard, it is easy to trust that the testimonials featured there are 100% real. Spectoos guarantees that visitors see trustworthy testimonials by explicitly connecting every testimonial to the reviewer’s online social media profile—whether it be from Facebook, LinkedIn or any other type of social or review site.

That means every single testimonial is coupled with a real person’s face and a link to an online profile with more information about them. Spectoos makes it easy for your potential students to read and trust reviews from students like them, and help them feel confident in their choice to sign up.

spectoos testimonials

2. Spectoos lets you present a unique testimonial widget per each course you offer

Every course you offer receives its own share of testimonials from previous students.  So, if you are offering a variety of different courses, you need a solution that easily enables you to showcase only the relevant testimonials on each course page. A potential student looking over the syllabus for your computer programming course, for example, is not going to be interested in testimonials from your graphic design course, right?

Spectoos gives you the ability to create multiple accounts and present a unique Faceboard for each of your courses, so only the appropriate testimonials are shown on each course’s page.  Each individual Faceboard has its own statistics so you can gauge the efficacy of the testimonials per each specific course and optimize them accordingly.

3. Spectoos will boost your SEO ranking

Any help you can get so that your online course shines among your competition in search results is very valuable. Spectoos not only helps make your online course seem more attractive, it helps you attract potential students through a dedicated, fully-branded page that’s been optimized for SEO.

Check out the example, below.  It ranked 2nd in Google SERPs, only after the company’s homepage!

Salestrong Spectoos SEO Page

Beautifully display feedback about your online course and draw more site visitors? If that’s not a win-win, then I don’t know what is!

4. Spectoos makes you look good on any screen

Nowadays, students aren’t only exploring online courses from their laptops while they’re at home. They’re using their mobile devices to check out options wherever they may be– whether it be while hanging out with friends or sitting at a café.

With the Spectoos widget, you don’t need to get into the nitty gritty of website responsivity. Instead, you can focus on providing enriching courses that’ll have students raving, and let Spectoos do the work of ensuring that their testimonials appear perfectly on any screen.

spectoos mobile

5. Spectoos makes it easy for you to ask for and receive testimonials

The more testimonials you receive, the better your chances are for getting more students!  So, Spectoos have made the process of requesting testimonials seamless.  With the Spectoos Dashboard, there is an option in the widgets called “Request Form”.


All you have to do is click on it and customize a personalized message for your students asking them to review your course.  They will be emailed your message along with a simple form to fill out.  Once they complete it, their testimonial will be automatically updated in your Dashboard, where you can review it and enable it to appear in your live widget!

Easy for you + easy for your students = more testimonials.

Spectoos Request Testimonial page

Not only does Spectoos make asking for and receiving testimonials a breeze, it also makes it super easy to collect testimonials from across the web. Want to showcase a testimonial from Facebook? Great! (This blog post will show you how!). Have another testimonial from Yelp that you want to display, too? No problem! (You can learn how to do that, here).  Aggregating your testimonials from across the web is easy, and doing so allows your site visitors to quickly get impressed by all your reviews in one place.

6. Spectoos helps you analyze your testimonials

Get this: Spectoos gives you performance metrics for each of your testimonials. You won’t just know how well the widget is working for you, overall.  You’ll know exactly which specific testimonials your potential students are finding the most helpful – which ones are being clicked on the most and driving the most conversions. With this powerful insight, you can confidently choose your most effective testimonials to showcase and draw more people to your online course.

Ready to fill up those open spots and get your online courses rolling? Try Spectoos now – it’s free!

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