Spectoos users already understand the trust-building value of adding testimonials to websites. In fact, TechValidate found that a staggering 94% of B2B marketing and sales professionals rated content sourced from real customers (like customer testimonials) as “very effective” or “extremely effective.” Nielsen surveyed more than 28,000 Internet respondents in 56 countries and discovered that 92% of consumers around the world say they trust earned media (like testimonials) above all other forms of advertising.

Worldwide, there are over 1.49 billion monthly active Facebook users, and 42% of marketers report that Facebook is critical or important to their business.


add testimonials to facebook


Facebook users should see your testimonials.

To embed your Spectoos testimonials on your Facebook page, follow these steps:

(Note: you must be an Admin of the page to add testimonials)

1. Go to https://apps.facebook.com/static_html_plus/

2. Click the Add Static HTML to a Page button

static HTML to page

3. Select the relevant page from the dropdown

4. Click the “Add Page Tab” button

add page tab

5. After the page has been added, click “edit tab”

6. In the window that opens, delete all the text and copy/paste your Faceboard embed code from Spectoos.


embed testimonials on facebook



7. Add 2 <br /> tags before the widget code snippet you are pasting.

8. Click the blue “save and publish” button, and you’re done!

Spectoos Facebook tab

Please paste a link to your new Spectoos Faceboard tab on Facebook in the comments below – we would love to check it out!

testimonials on facebook page

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