In our previous blog post, we discussed the steps to take when designing and launching your new website. But, now that you’ve so worked hard designing that attractive website, how do you go about actually driving traffic to it?

Your website won’t help your business grow if no one sees it. Even the most professionally designed website can end up idle if you don’t take the necessary measures to bring people to it.


Here are five steps for attracting visitors to your newly launched website that you can start doing today:

Optimize your site for SEO

There are many ways to optimize your site for SEO. For example, using relevant page titles will help search engines make your content appear in the SERPs for relevant searches (which you can read more about in our next blog post, so stay tuned).

Using the right keywords across your website and blog content is also a popular SEO tactic. Ensuring that your content includes the keywords and search phrases your target audience is looking for will help your site rank higher in SERPs.

Believe it or not, testimonials have a lot of SEO power, and can help you rank higher in the SERPs, too. The Spectoos testimonial widget is a great tool that you can easily incorporate into your website, and it also comes with a dedicated SEO mini-site featuring all of your testimonials.

Spectoos Mini Site

The mini site is specifically designed with SEO in mind, so having it can help you display your testimonials and rank higher in SERPs, simultaneously.


Maintain an active blog

In addition to being a platform on which you can show your mastery in your field, your blog is a place where you can continuously offer your target audience free content they’ll find engaging, entertaining or educational (preferably a mix of the three). The content your site visitors will most appreciate is that which addresses a question, problem, or need they have.

You’ll have an easier time getting a blog started by doing the following:

  • Create an editorial calendar.

Decide how often you’ll create content for your blog, and schedule your time in a way that will make it easy to meet your new blogging commitment. Aim to publish at least one new blog post per week.

  • Create a list of topics.

Come up with a list of at least ten blog post ideas that you’ll be able to turn to when it comes time for writing. Take your buyer personas into consideration as you create the list, and think of topics that are relevant to their goals and challenges. If you need inspiration, check out what your competitors are doing on their blogs. Industry news can also provide material to blog about.

  • Use compelling headlines.

The title of your blog post is the first thing readers see. This is your chance to grab them, so make your titles interesting enough that they’ll want to continue reading.

Incorporate social sharing options on your site and blog

Make it easy for your visitors to share the content that they find interesting or useful on their own social networks. This way, you can easily expand your reach.

Include social sharing options for the networks your target audience uses most, such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Depending on the type of content you’re sharing, other options might include YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram and even Snapchat, which is being increasingly adopted by businesses to target younger consumers.

Check out the social sharing options that Search Engine Journal uses:

search engine journal

Not only do readers see the sharing buttons, they can also see how many shares on each social network have already been done. Plus, the sharing options are seen and easily accessible even as readers make their way down the article.

In addition to giving your site visitors an easy way to share your content, you should also make it a priority to share every new piece of content you create, yourself, (along with other regular updates) on the social networks your target audience is using.

Promote your content offers on social media

Content is the name of the game in today’s online marketing landscape. Content offers such as eBooks, webinars, checklists, templates and infographics can also go a long way toward helping you attract new visitors to your website. Here is how you can use these types of content offers to drive traffic to your website:

  • Create a content offer that is geared towards solving one of the pain points, problems or challenges of your ideal buyer persona.
  • Create a landing page that briefly describes the content offer, and include a form for interested people to fill out in order to access it. Share a link to the landing page on social media.
  • Include social sharing options from within the content offer and also on the landing page so people who enjoyed the content can easily share it within their network, which will drive even more potential leads in your direction.

Cole’s Classroom is a great example of a small business using content offer and landing page, as you can see in the example, below, where they promote a webinar on Facebook to drive traffic and generate leads:

coles classroom

Connect with influencers in your industry

Influencers in your industry can quickly become a key component to helping your business grow. They already have a great reputation in your industry and a huge following of people who trust their opinions. If you can spark up the right relationship with them, it can instantly give you access to a huge potential client base.

Here are three ways you can connect with influencers to help attract new visitors to your site:

1. Guest posting.

Connect with influencers in your industry and offer a guest post for them to publish on their blog with a link back to your site. In addition to driving new traffic your way, this will get you in front of their large audience while also helping solidify your position as a thought leader.

2. Engage with influencers on social media.

You can establish a relationship with influencers while also building exposure for your own site by engaging with them publicly via social media. Sharing influencer updates or posting responses to them are effective ways to engage with them on social media.

3. Offer your product for free in exchange for a review.

An influencer’s fan base is likely to get interested in whatever products or services they promote on their blog. If you can get an industry influencer to try out your product in exchange for a review on their blog and social media channels, this will go a long way toward getting new potential clients to your site.

Follow these 5 tips, and you will surely see a nice increase in traffic to your site and a boost in the number of leads. The easiest way for you to get started is by using your testimonials to their fullest potential.  Sign up for Spectoos, today, to get improve your search rankings and drive more traffic to your website.