Your website redesign shouldn’t be just about looks and keeping it fresh: it’s also about using new technologies to make everything run smoothly and much more efficiently. (Read = “get you more conversions.”)

spectoos website redesign tool

Here are 4 website redesign tools to use, this year.

Testimonials: Spectoos


If you’re not already using testimonials on your website, then it’s time to wake up (Testimonials = more conversions. Do the math.)

But not just any testimonial tool will do. If you’re ready to get testimonials setup on your site then you need a tool that makes it easy to collect, display, and optimize your testimonials for great SEO—if you’re thinking, whoa, that sounds like a big job, that’s really hard—I’ve got some good news…

Spectoos (with it’s intuitive dashboard) makes it extremely easy to collect testimonials, upload the ones you already have, and display them in the right places throughout your site in a good-looking and uniform way.

And, they’ve got all the features you could possibly need:

  • Customizable request forms so they fit your brand
  • Integration with Facebook and LinkedIn
  • A generated SEO mini-site to optimize all that great testimonial content for search engines, and,
  • Pictures and links to social media profiles to prove your testimonials are authentic and trustworthy  

I honestly don’t know how testimonial management was done before it. Sign up for Spectoos today and watch your conversions skyrocket.

Design: Strikingly

Strikingly’s website builder: beautiful, simple, gets the job done. From

Who says web design isn’t easy? With the tools made available today by actual design/coding geniuses around the world, it’s easier than ever before for the ‘average Joe’ to create beautiful designs.

And Strikingly is one of the best of these tools. Maybe you’re not at the point in your business’s growth where you need a whole design team or hired help, and that’s okay. Why would you pay someone else to design elements, when you can do pretty much all of it on your own using Strikingly?

With their website builder tool you’ll be able to keep a blog, set up a shop, create forms, analyze engagement, and do pretty much everything else a functioning website needs to do. It’s the perfect all-in-one design tool.

Forms: Jotform

Bye bye, ugly and difficult-to-create web forms. From

Web forms are so important to get right. If you don’t set them up properly, you could be missing out on a lot: leads, feedback, contest entries, questions, or file uploads. Yikes.

Enter Jotform. Jotform does all the difficult code-y stuff for you so you only have to worry about the front end. Through the dashboard, you can start with a blank form and drag and drop fields to make a custom form, use a template (there’s already over 10,000!), or import all your old forms so you can have all the goods in one place.

Social: Juicer

Juicer aggregates all your social media presence onto one clean-looking page. From

Say you spend a good amount of manpower keeping your Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn updated. Maybe you’re consistent in keeping your presence strong on Facebook, Pinterest, and Google+, too.

Wouldn’t it be nice to see an aggregation of all these feeds on one uniform feed; and have your customers see it, too, so they could get an idea of your business’s online presence at a glance?

Good news: Juicer was made for this. They’ll aggregate all your social media into one feed and embed it onto your website. It’s super easy to use, integrates with all your favorite social media apps, and is also just pretty to look at.

Mix It Up for More Conversions

If I told you all it would take is to start using these 4 tools to see more conversions from your site, would you believe me? Well, you should. It’s highly likely.

When you think about it, these 4 tools are doing all the hard work for you. So what are you waiting for?

Which helpful online tools will you choose for your next redesign?


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