If your clients joke about how your site “isn’t exactly a dream to use”, it’s time to upgrade your website.

If you can’t remember the last time you hired a web developer (or can’t even remember what your in-house developer looks like), it’s time.

If you cringe when you go to your own website and get a tinge of existential dread, knowing that you need to do something about this mess but not knowing where to start, it’s time.

Time to grab your website by the HTML and do something about it.

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Here are 4 signs you need to upgrade your website and how to start.

Conversion Rates are Low

Here’s how you know if conversions are a problem:

  • People aren’t spending time on your site. How’s your bounce rate? Is the majority of visitor time spent only on the homepage?
  • Check the stats on all your CTA button links (like Sign up here, Submit, Schedule a consultation, etc.). How many people are viewing your pages vs. clicking on the CTA buttons on them?
  • Time spent on lead pages/selling pages is little to none. If engagement on lead pages and selling pages (free consult page, product pages, features page) is low, visitors are stopping too short in the funnel.

What to Do About It

One of the easiest ways to help visitors along the sales funnel is by using strategically placed testimonials.

Make it easy on yourself by using a customizable testimonial widget, like the one that Spectoos offers. It uses pictures and links to social media profiles (highly important for credibility and authenticity!) to give testimonials across site pages a clean, uniform look.

spectoos testimonials

Isolate the main pain point addressed in the testimonial and put it on the page most relevant to that pain point. For instance, if a testimonial addresses how they loved your software’s 24/7 staff support, it’d fit great on the Features page in the section about around-the-clock support. If you have testimonials praising your “Solution X”, don’t display it on your “Solution Y” page.

You should also be sure to display testimonials on all pages that contain forms, such as your Sign Up and Contact Us pages, as well as any landing pages. This can significantly help to increase conversions.

It’s Not Responsive

Go to your site on your own phone. Go to your site on a coworker’s phone. Try iPhones, Android, a Samsung, a Huawei… How does it look?

Does your site have a nice, clean appearance – a layout designed specifically for mobile browsers? Or is it a mess?

Do the images fit on the screen or are they all zoomed in and stretched out?

Do pages load quickly and is it easy to navigate?

Look at your site’s stats and check the mobile numbers. Are people bouncing out of your mobile site as soon as it loads?

What to Do About It

There are fairly simple DIY ways to build your responsive design that involve using pre-made templates, plugins, and web builders. Implementing the Spectoos testimonial widget, for example, can instantly help your testimonials be responsive on your website:

spectoos responsive design

There is also a great tool that you can use to test the responsivity of your website. The Responsive Web Design Tester is a plugin that you can install to use in browsers like Chrome and Firefox to easily test how your site looks on different screen sizes and mobile devices.

responsive web design tester

Or you can invest in a designer that’s as good at mobile web design as they are at desktop web design. Ask prospects to show you examples of how they’ve captured a brand’s image on the small screen in the past and ask for a mockup of a mobile site for you.

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You’re Still Using Image Sliders

Years ago, image sliders were that cool new shiny thing that everyone started using simply because it was the cool new shiny thing.

(It’s those things at the top of your site that slide through a set of images, sometimes called a carousel.)

After the newness wore off, people started asking: Wait, are image sliders actually good for conversions? And the answer is no. The short explanation is that it splits your visitor’s attention across multiple funnels and calls to action, causing a sort of buyer’s whiplash.

What to Do About It

Take. it. down. Immediately! Try a static image with a CTA or a signup form instead. There’s plenty of alternatives; just please, for the love of conversions, get that slider out of here.

And before you add any other new shiny thing to your site, ask yourself if it makes sense first. Does it really fit into the buying process? Or is it just a trend that doesn’t actually make sense for your conversion strategy?

It Just Looks…Old, Bad, and Sad

It looks like an ancient artifact. It looks like an Exhibit A in a lecture on the history of the internet.

If you’re still using comic sans, painfully fake stock photos that clearly have nothing to do with you and your company, and Adobe flash, it’s time for a facelift.

I know we talked about not blindly following trends earlier, but it is important to stay aware of new design trends, if only for the purpose of knowing what new styles are eye-catching to customers.

One great example is skeuomorphism vs. flat design. Skeuomorphism was the design trend that had everything looking 3D and real-life while flat design is exactly what it sounds like: flatter, simpler, and just all around cleaner looking.


Source: Ark Infotec 

Continuing to use skeuomorphism just makes your website look outdated.

What to Do About It

Being aware of design trends like these will help upgrade your website and keep it looking fresh and modern instead of having your visitors wonder if no one has touched your site in 5 years.

It’s as simple as buying a template, like from Themeforest, and installing it on your site, since there’s plenty of inexpensive and modern-looking styles out there ready to go. It’s really that easy—because of cutting edge design tech nowadays, you don’t have to spend a ton of money and time overhauling your site.

Do this now to get your site up to par until you’re ready to invest in a web developer.

Do One Thing This Week

Have any of these tips hit home? Look, it’s fine. We’re all busy juggling clients and rolling out marketing campaigns and tweaking new products—it happens to the best of us.

My biggest tip is this: Don’t let the thought of a facelift overwhelm you.

Here’s the easiest way to start: Pick one thing. Whether it’s shopping for a ready-made theme online, scheduling a phone call with a web designer, or simply taking that godforsaken carousel widget off your site, do the one thing.

Take that first step. All you’ve got to do is continue taking that next step, and before you know it your site will have undergone the best facelift anyone’s ever seen since The Real Housewives. Your visitors will thank you for it.

Are you ready to upgrade your website and give it a much-needed facelift? Make implementing the Spectoos testimonial widget the one thing you do this week. Sign up today!


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